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Hi! My name is Michael Fletcher.

I am a resident of Asheville, North Carolina, and a graduate of Cornell University. I am a tireless advocate for students and their families, and I possess a wealth of knowledge about the nation’s four-year colleges and universities. I visit college campuses and websites for fun, and I love taking standardized tests. (That’s just the kind of guy I am!) Leveraging my passion and expertise, I can help you and your child navigate the daunting, hypercompetitive process of college admissions.


About My Services

The College Equation exists to provide you and your child with guidance, expertise, advocacy, and reassurance throughout the college admissions process. We will work together to create a custom-tailored plan of action that will allow you to make informed decisions about college applications, standardized tests, and time management.

Our philosophy is that the application process is not necessarily about getting your child into the highest ranked college, but rather about finding the right fit for your child.


Why College?

If you are interested in the services offered by The College Equation, you are likely already familiar with the case that colleges make regarding the benefits of earning a college degree: Higher lifetime earnings, a higher likelihood of gaining health insurance and other employment benefits, valuable social connections and networking opportunities—sign me up!

So, you’re on board. What’s next?




According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics,

“The 6-year graduation rate for first-time, full-time undergraduate students who began their pursuit of a bachelor's degree at a 4-year degree-granting institution in fall 2008 was 60 percent.” Source: NCES

Earning a bachelor’s degree is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Gaining admission to a college that is the right academic and social fit may increase the likelihood that your child will stick with the considerable task of earning a bachelor’s degree.

The College Equation can help you get it right the first time and avoid missteps early on.

Systematic preparation for standardized testing can increase your scores

Standardized tests can be an obstacle for even the brightest students. Whether your diagnostic test scores are low or relatively high, hard work and disciplined time management can help improve your scores and make colleges take notice.

The College Equation can help you prepare for your standardized testing experience by offering curated test prep materials and resources, a timetable for studying, and one-on-one study sessions.

The process of applying to colleges and universities can be stressful, confusing, and time consuming

Just browse the internet messageboards dedicated to college admissions—or talk to other families who are in your position—and you will find parents and students full of anxiety and uncertainty. Will I get in? Am I applying to the right colleges? Do I need to get involved in another extracurricular activity? Are my test scores good enough?

The College Equation can help you simplify and de-stress the process of college admissions by providing structure, insight, and encouragement through the use of project management tools, tailored scheduling, and one-on-one meetings.





The Process

Once you and your child have interviewed, answered questionnaires, and offered academic information, The College Equation will:

Test Preparation

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Offer standardized test prep through hourlong face-to-face study sessions, homework assignments, scheduling recommendations, and the recommendation of further study materials and resources

College List

College List

Produce an individualized list of colleges for your consideration that will include institutional profiles, admission statistics, dates and deadlines, and other important information for each college


Coaching & Essay Guidance

Offer coaching regarding the Common App and individual college applications, and (without writing any part of your essays, as some unscrupulous consultants may offer to do) review application essays and other materials


Rising Seniors: the Aug. 26, 2017 administration of the SAT will be your last chance to earn a competitive score before most Early Action / Early Decision deadlines take effect. Book now in order to allow yourself adequate time to crack the test!

Want to learn more?

Scheduling a consultation is your first step. You can learn more about me and the services I provide in a free, informal meeting. During our consultation, I will explain the process and answer any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting your family and discussing your child’s college ambitions.

Let’s grab a cup of coffee and see how The College Equation can help your family today!


You can also email me (michael@collegeequation.com) with any questions!